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​Here is a Little Bit About Me 


Let's start with my name.   The J in my name is pronounced like a Y, An-YA. Don't even bother trying the last name.  It's just too confusing.  Now that we've gotten that out of the way: I've been acting since I was six-years-old. Acting is my life, but I'm also a regular human being with my own quirks. Even though my passion and drive in life is in front of the camera portraying other people, let me tell you about me outside of the lens.


I'm a girl who likes to try everything at least once, get every experience. From tasting ostrich meat to parasailing over the ocean.  I'm an anomaly; someone who loves watching Fight Club as well tearing up to The Land Before Time.  I could go to the beach in the morning and ice-fishing at night if I had the chance.   As an actor I do a lot of research on characters before I give my own unique interpretation.  I like to learn the in's and out's of a character when creating them. Maybe this is why I'm so open to new experiences and enjoy such an array of activities and subjects.  From Metallica to Frank Sinatra, black combat boots to french tip nails.  


I'm a long time movie buff, dog-lover, I can make the best homemade Thai Tea Boba, recite the alphabet backwards, generate fantastic pet names, make three grocery trips up to my apartment in one, wax-on/wax-off and pack luggage like a game of Tetris.  Maybe those are a little far-fetched but in this profession it is a plus to have a variety of skills and talents (see my list of skills for more info).  I'm happy to learn, so teach me something new!



My Love for Film


The appreciation for good storytelling through motion picture will always inspire me.  Acting in film and TV is my way of contributing to that art.  Of course, theatre and commercials make me ecstatic as well.  Putting life into a character on a page is my passion.  Adding my own spin and style to a character is the most rewarding element for me.  My goal in life is to successfully act in films and I will do whatever it takes to achieve that.  Jeff Foxworthy once said, "Find something in life that you love doing.  If you make a lot of money, that's a bonus, and if you don't, you still won't hate going to work." 


The Quick Official Biography

I was born November 5, 1998 in Morristown, New Jersey but I grew up mainly in Colorado.   After graduating from Lewis Palmer High School at the age of 16, a year early, I planned to move directly to LA.  But, my plans changed when I received the lead role of Tabitha Dalca in the horror feature film Beware The Lake.  

The character of Tabitha was an outcast and edgy teenager with a vengeance. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute on set. Once I completed filming, I moved to Los Angeles, California.

I always had an undying passion for acting and found little interest in college. Not attending college was a problem to some of my closest friends and family members who told me how unrealistic my dreams were. I don't have a back-up plan. I was interested in other fields as a child but nothing like my draw to acting. At 14 I figured it out and explained to my parents that this was my dream and goal in life and developed a plan to graduate early and save enough money to start a life and career in L.A.  From that moment I started to try and build my acting resume with anything I could find. Even in my small town I found several plays and short films that I could work on.  One of my very first films called The Porcelain Doll was awarded Fan Favorite at the Colorado Film School's film festival.



Roles and Classes


Beware The Lake

My biggest role so far was an Independent Film with Jonathan Lipnicki from Jerry McGuire.  I love horror films so this was so much fun.  I play the main character, Tabitha.  Although my character gets killed, she comes back to seek revenge on the people responsible.  CLASSIC horror film.  If you click HERE you can see the teaser trailer to the movie.  



Batman -The Birth of a Legend

This was a really fun role!!  I've always wanted to portray a villain.   I was honored to play teenage Selena Kyle (Catwoman) in the upcoming web series Batman - The Birth of a Legend.    Click HERE to go to the Legends website.



Bernard Hiller MasterClass NYC

I was selected to attend Bernard Hiller's masterclass in NYC.  This man is one of the top acting coaches in the world and it was apparent after working with him why he is so successful.  After an interview and audition, I was privileged to be among 40 actors from 11 different countries selected to attend the class.   And, I was the youngest actor to ever attend.  I was only 16.


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